Designed for a lifetime of trouble-free operation

Each door or opening wall project is unique.

You can have confidence in the integrity of our design for you since our project managers review each installation. Whatever the size of your project, PowerLift door and opening wall systems impose lower structural loads than most other options. PowerLift solutions stand alone in their simplicity, function and ease of maintenance.

Every PowerLift Hydraulic Door is built to provide a lifetime of smooth and reliable performance. You can eliminate the frustrations of doors that don’t seal tightly, are hard to open and require a lot of headroom.

PowerLift offers the only one-piece door in the industry! Our unique, all-welded construction has no bolts to fatigue or work loose. A PowerLift door provides the tightest seal available in any door: when it closes the elements are left outside.

There are several other key advantages that elevate PowerLift above everyone else in the door industry.


A silent, efficient world without grease

Silent and efficient with zero maintenance.

PowerLift’s unique PTFE (Teflon) impregnated bronze bushings are a permanent, no-grease solution to hinge lubrication.

This exclusive feature eliminates the safety risk inherent with working 12’ – 30’ in the air greasing door hinges.

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a life expectancy measured in centuries, not weeks or months




With fabrication and service centers across North America, our products, service and support are always close by. Choose a location that suits you.